Minimum Impact, Maximum Fun

The international surfing association estimates there are 23 million active surfers in the world. Every year 10,000 tons of toxic petroleum surf wax and 50,000 tons of reef toxic sunscreen is used around the world polluting our oceans. Just in Puerto Rico that’s 25,000 lbs of surf wax leaching chemicals poisonous to coral reefs and marine life.

ESNU started with two surfers who wanted to create a local surf wax to represent their community but after finding out how dangerous traditional surf wax is we knew we needed an alternative and through lots of trial and error and wipeouts developed a wax formula with the grip necessary for competitive surfing that's safe for surfers and the environment.

While there are other natural alternatives for surf wax there are none which have the performance necessary to survive hours of heavy surfing in the hot beautiful tropical waters of Puerto Rico, placing us in a unique category of having that high performance grip without the toxic chemicals.

What's next for ESNU Wax? We found our manufacturing process and quest for a cleaner oceans doesn't have to stop with just surf wax and we are launching ESNU natural sunscreen to support our mission for cleaner oceans.